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Gourmet Deli, Gift Boxes, Catering & Corporate Gifts.

At Iciar, we specialize in making you look good. So if you want to bring a unique gift to a party, impress your dinner guests, need to cater an event, or fancy a decadent cheese baguette on your lunchbreak, our team can deliver.

Choose from our signature artisanal cheese boxes, with or without charcuterie, or dive into a Raclette box, with slices of the famous Alpine cheese that you can melt at home (we sell mini fondue devices if you need one). Simply add dipping bread, baby potatoes, pickles or whatever you fancy into the motlen cheese, and savor the moment. We also prepare gourmet baguettes at our Blackrock store, which will elevate you lunch break to new gourmet heights.

Boxes are available for delivery online, or click and collect or just pop by the store and pick up some cheese the old fashion way.

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