Commercialisation opportunities at Frascati Centre

The opportunity to connect additional brands and businesses, not usually available in retail centres, is immense in Frascati across an extensive range of platforms.  Our customer demographic are those who enjoy an eclectic range of some of the finer things in life so please consider the great opportunities there are to engage your brand with our customers.

We have bright, open areas throughout the Centre perfect for displaying cars, kitchens, furnishings, household, seasonal kiosks and outdoor equipment.     We also have promotional space both internally and at the front of the Centre on the busy Frascati Road.    We know the value of putting your brand in the hand of our customers so talk to us about your launches and experiential marketing ideas.

We love working with creative promotional opportunities, art and musical exhibitions so please get in touch and we’ll help to bring your brand to life and enjoy a brand new audience.

Drop by and have a chat with our marketing experts!

Contact Viv Gaine, Centre Director – 

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